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Eve Petersen


‘Ello! I’m Eve from America.

I have a tattoo of one of my favorite quotes, “survival is insufficient,” and I try to live it out the best I can.

For me that quote means that I don’t want to just live in a cycle of “wake up, work, clean the house, sleep, repeat.”

I need to do more than the bare minimum to live, I want to be able to truly enjoy my life.

The main way that I do this is by traveling and trying new things.

I have been to nineteen countries so far, with plenty more on my list.

I’ve also managed to do some pretty cool things.

I’ve experienced sled dog racing in France, dived with whale sharks in Thailand, learned circus arts in the states, and rode race horses in Japan.

I’ve been lucky enough to manage to live for a year in Paris, France for study abroad, a year and a half in Koh Tao, Thailand as a SCUBA diving instructor, and now I’m working at Waya in Japan!

Two years ago I came to Waya just as a guest.

I stayed for a few days and remember really enjoying talking with everyone and really wishing that I could join the team.

I never thought that possibility would actually happen! I’m really excited for my time here at Waya and to see what new things I can experience!