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Dove (ダブ)



Hi I’m Dove (ダブ) from Bangkok.

After finishing my year-long work in Singapore, before returning home, I booked a flight to Sapporo.


My primary expectation was simple: ‘I want to see real snow!’ That was my thought at the moment. And I randomly picked Waya Guesthouse as my main shelter for this two weeks stay.


Throughout my time exploring Hokkaido and Sapporo, I gradually got to know each of the staff working at Waya.

I also met many new friends within the Waya community through various activities. Some of them live, study, or work in Sapporo, while others are friends of friends of Waya. The people at Waya are undeniably interesting, fun, and super friendly.




We played board games, listened to music with good food and great drinks (my favorite being Sapporo blend, a cup of roasted coffee), and had enjoyable conversations almost every night.


Oh, I almost forgot, the Kotatsu table is very nice! It’s especially comforting after the cold days in Sapporo. (Love it so much, so I draw a picture of it)


I had the exclusive opportunity to cook Kapao rice at Waya bar. It felt wonderful to share my skills in a place I like and enjoy. After my trip to Sapporo and my stay at Waya, it was a refreshing experience. I found inspiration from the people at Waya to continue and start what I love to do next. Now I gained my energy back, ready for the next chapter. Waya is not just a normal guesthouse for sleeping; it’s a space for everyone. It’s a community and, of course, a good friend of mine.



Dove (ダブ) Stayed at Waya House December 26, 2023 – January 6, 2024