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    Kei Akai

    Satoshi Akai

Born in Naha in 1993 and raised in Chiba
In 2019, he earned a master's degree in physics and set out on a two-year graduation trip.I had a homestay abroad, but I stopped traveling in February 2.
As a beer lover, I bought a tuk-tuk as a result of sticking to how to pour and drink, and started the barrel draft beer service "Tuk-bia" on the tuk-tuk!
I'm running somewhere in Japan today to create a culture where you can enjoy freshly poured draft beer anywhere you like!

HP https://sw-satoshi.com/

Crowdfunding challenge! https://readyfor.jp/projects/tukbeer

A word to waya

I am also looking forward to the lively waya after the corona disaster!