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《Guesthouse waya becomes a share house》



Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, it is still difficult to travel.I have a strong desire to operate as a guest house, but due to the current situation and the trend of having a share house at the closed guest house yuyu, guest house waya will also be operated as a share house for the time being. ..

As a result, accommodation reservations will also be suspended.I am very sorry for those who are considering staying and the repeaters who have always come to stay.

Until the day when people all over the world travel everyday.
Guest house waya is not closed, so we look forward to having a toast and talking when we resume using the accommodation.

The Bar Lounge on the XNUMXst floor will be announced by the government and administrative agencies.We will continue to operate, although we are looking at the situation such as measures!We look forward to your visit!


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