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[The 5th collaboration event! ] Adventure way of life Collaboration without a house! ?? ~ Life that changes depending on encounters and actions ~



* It was completed successfully!Thank you very much for your participation.
■ Event purpose
“Inn Venture”
At Guest House waya, "The Beginning of a New Adventure"A collaboration event was held by inviting the captain (lecturer) from outside to Ma.I am.An exciting experience that jumps out of everyday lifeAn event from a guesthouse that shares time, that is "Yadobe"It ’s an anchor.
* The second collaboration event! ~ Adventure way of life ~ After graduating from universityA way of life that challenges with options other than employment
https://www.facebook.com/events / 872289709449984 /
* The third collaboration event! -Adventurous way of life-Change societyI want to be us ~ Thoroughly solve social problems in 1 days and 2 nightWaya × ezorock think through the decision method
https://www.facebook.com/events / 867099723324143 /
This time, as the 5th bullet, we will continue to send out "bad" things nationwideKeigo Sakazume of "Ibaya Tsushin" and LifeRyota Tatsumi, who holds super-participatory events all over the countryI will call you as the captain.
A chemical reaction woven by two people who are not bound by common sense.You thinkThere is no doubt that common sense will be broken.
Ibaya representative Keigo Sakazume and L-project feeHeld a dialogue event with Ryota Tatsumi on the table.
Communicate with each other about the themes of "life" and "way of life"By collaboration of the values ​​and ideas of the two peopleI want to create an opportunity to think about the "way of life" of the participants.
■ Introduction of captain (lecturer)
Keigo Sakazume
Born April 1985, 4. ibaya << Ibaya >> joint feeTable (PLVS VLTRA) Ibaya says, "I'll just do the bad things.(Destroy stereotypes) "Godo Kaisha.Based in Niigataing.
Through my blog "Ibaya Tsushin", my lifeWe are sending out the discoveries in the people.
In particular…
Mr. Sakazume currently has no house and is living in a tent.Su. "Can I live without a house? 』Is my lifeI'm experimenting with it.
Mr. Sakazume said what he felt and thought about, and the people he met.The episode is transmitted through "Ibaya Tsushin".
Ryota Tatsumi
Approximately 10 at an IT venture company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange while attending universityEstablish No. 0 grade in a sales organization of 1 people.
Joined a human resources consulting company in 2006.Joined 9 monthsA month later, he was appointed as the person in charge of the subsidiary, and sales doubled in three years.To
Joined an entrepreneurial consulting company in 2010.From studentsConsulting and semi for a wide range of entrepreneurs up to the founderDo a ner.
Independent in 2012.Moved to Hawaii (Oahu) and next generationTrain leaders.
The way of life and values ​​inherited by native HawaiiansMoved to Hawaii to learn permaculture (sustainable)Living while doing a functional recycling-oriented agricultural system).
Returned to Japan in 2014.Currently, "Gathering love from all over Japan, bigDo not go around Japan by bicycle with the concept of "making a nice ray"Carrying out "Life" all over the country
Sapporo Guest House Waya 1F
Sapporo City Toyohira 2-4-1
18:00 Reception
18:30 start
21:00 End & Feast
23:00 Clean up
23:30 Dissolution
General 4000 yen (including banquet fee)
Student 1500 yen (including banquet fee)
30 people
What kind of person do you want to come to?
・ People who have something they want to do but haven't stepped forward
・ People who want to be able to send something from themselves
・ People who want to meet interesting people
・ People who have a "?" In the present world and society
・ People who are suffocating with the common sense of existing society
・ People who want to make a difference in their lives but don't know how to do it
・ People who want to experience a completely different way of life
■ Cancellation
① If you contact us for cancellation one week before the event, No cancellation fee
② Fully negative for cancellations from the day of the event to one week beforeYou will be responsible
* Please contact us in case of unavoidable circumstances.
■ How to apply for participation
① Press the event participation button on facebook
* We will contact you in advance to confirm your participation.
② For those who apply for participation other than facebook, wayaContact us at .guesthouse@gmail.comPlease give me
■ Voice of inn venture participants
・ After all, there are people who gather in such places, soI thought it had more potential and power than that.SelfIncluding minutes.
(Male in his 20s)
We are waiting for the participation of many people!
“Life is either a great adventure or nothing.”
--Helen Keller