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[Collaboration event 6th !!] Adventure way of life-How to create a community in the area while creating connections with people! -Hinohara Village Guest House Henborido Owner Suzuki, the only village on the mainland of Tokyo, and a party around the pot



* It was completed successfully!Thank you to everyone who participated.
■ Event purpose
“Inn Venture”
At Guest House waya, "The Beginning of a New Adventure"A collaboration event was held by inviting the captain (lecturer) from outside to Ma.I am.An exciting experience that jumps out of everyday lifeAn event from a guesthouse that shares time, that is "Yadobe"It ’s an anchor.
Traditional inn venture
* The 4th collaboration event!An adventurous way of life-Life 1 days and 2 night to practice the way of life of giving
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* The 5th collaboration event!An adventurous way of life Collaboration without a house!! ?? ~ Life that changes depending on encounters and actions ~
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■ Schedule
2th February (Sunday)

■ Time
19:00 - 22:30
Complete withdrawal at 23:XNUMX
■ Location
Guest house waya 1st floor
■ Introduction of the captain
Hinohara Village Guest House Henborido Owner Kentaro SuzukiHmm
Born in Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture in 1982.Kitasato University Graduate School Basic StudentAfter dropping out of the Graduate School of Life Sciences (Chemistry), Ultra Tech in 2007Joined the neurologist group "TeamLab" as a 07 new graduate. WEB service, in-house ASP service, new product business such as teamLab ball, teamLab hanger, fashionGenres and industries such as land launch and promotionBeyond doing various businesses. 2012 in Hinohara VillageMeet Ryotaro Takemoto, who is active in the region. Built in 2013 120Self-reliant with more than 300 participants stating the old folk house of the year"Renovation, a base for exchange and economy between cities and villages"Opened "Tokyo Hinohara Village Guest House Henborido".At Henborido, a place called TerakojukuMany people are involved regardless of the city center of the village under the conceptEvents are held to build a community.
Henborido →http://henborido.net/
As for the content, Mr. Suzuki first thought about what he was working on nowAsk them to share what they are.
After that, each participant will be in the "region", "community", and "marginal village"."Countryside" "U-turn / I-turn"Ask them to share that they have a taste.
After that, while eating a hot pot, Mr. Suzuki and the participants, and the participants againIt is a meeting to exchange opinions with each other based on the above keywords. "Rather than "event", I shared my thoughts looselyI made it a place where I could share the ideas and thoughts of others.I think ^^
■ Participation fee
1500 JPY
(Participation fee 500 yen, food fee 1000 yen)
■ I want people like this to come
People who want to do something to rejuvenate their hometown / countryside・ People who are already doing
Those who are interested in guest houses
Encouraging the project to involve various peopleSomeone who has a taste
Those who are interested in starting a business
People who are interested in creating a place and community