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[Green drinks Sapporo! Vol.1] Work found in Hokkaido + A way of life-greenz Let's invite Shotaro Uehara to think together!



* It was completed successfully!Thank you to everyone who participated.I will post the report on my blog later.
◆ Date and time
Saturday, March 18th, 30: 21-00: XNUMX
(Reception starts at 18:30, starts at 19:XNUMX)
◆ Purpose
"Living" in Hokkaido.Lifestyles, lifestyles and ways of thinking that are commonplace when living in Hokkaido for a long time.Also, if you dare to add a "?", You may be able to discover more interesting ways of life and ways of life.With that in mind, we decided to hold a drinking party "green drinks" in Sapporo with the theme of green and sustainability all over the world.
(Although it is irregular, we will continue to hold it)
* "Green drinks" are drinking parties with the theme of green and sustainability.It is a global network held in more than 800 cities around the world, from Argentina to Zimbabwe, including New York, Paris and Beijing.
The appeal of green drinks is that attractive participants such as key persons who are doing unique activities in each region are gathered.In Japan, there are more than 50 locations, and there are also exchanges between organizers and participants in each region.
→ Click here for more details!
◆ Theme of the 1st Green drinks in Sapporo
The first theme is a combination of "Hokkaido" x "lifestyle" x "work".We thought that the locality of Hokkaido has an impact on people's thinking, way of life, and way of life.For example, in Tokyo, people from all over the country gather, and there is a huge amount of information and stimuli that can be obtained from people. "Then, what kind of regionality is Hokkaido?", "What kind of influence does regionality have on people's lifestyles?", And "I seek affluence with work + a in this region." Can't we do that? "
In response to such "?", Thinking about a rich way of living and living in Hokkaido with work + a, based on the "potential of Hokkaido" that Mr. Shotaro Uehara of greenz, who is expanding the circle of green drinks nationwide, thinks I would like to create a "trigger" to try.
◆ Lecturer introduction
Shotaro Uehara
NPO Greens people Division Manager
Born in 88.While attending the Faculty of Science and Technology of Keio University, he wrote articles introducing social good web services in Japan and overseas as a "writer intern" at greenz.jp.After graduating, joined a digital marketing consulting company. Participated in Greens from October 2014.In charge of "green z people", a donation membership system of Greens.As a life work, we provide support and study sessions for the utilization of digital marketing in non-profit sectors such as NPOs / NGOs.My hobby is trail running.
Twitter: http://twitter.com/little_shotaro
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/little.shotaro
◆ Contents
① Introduction of "Greenz" that introduces Social good news
② World café (Theme: Work found in Hokkaido + way of life a)
③ Review and summary of world cafe (Mr. Shotaro)
◆ What kind of person do you want to come to?
・ People who are looking for work + "something"
・ People who have moved and started living in Hokkaido
・ People who live in Hokkaido but want to grow up in Tokyo
・ People who feel that life in Hokkaido is not enough
・ People who want to make a difference in their current life
◆ Participation fee
Student 2000 yen
Adult 2500 yen
* Prepare drinks and sweets
Social gathering (only for those who wish)
1000 JPY
(XNUMX) Since there is a discussion work called world cafe this time, participation from the middle is not possible.
(XNUMX) Those who send the participation button to the event page will be notified of confirmation one week before the event.We will officially participate by contacting you at that time.
③ The event space is a little chilly because it was before the renovation.Please participate in a warm dress.