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"There is value in the uncertain future"-Try working at a guesthouse for 1 year and 2 months (Kawashima edition)


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"What do you want to happen in 10 years?"

This is the last question asked during the interview of "NHK Life Design U-2" in February of this year.

It was March 2013 that I decided to start a business.At that time, I was in the third year of college.

It was a time when my friends around me were steadily moving toward employment, such as visiting OBOGs and company information sessions.
At that time, I wanted to become a teacher and become a soccer coach, so I was working part-time to teach soccer to elementary school students.

One day, from the representative of the soccer school I was working at

Representative: "Shun, I'm thinking of making an NPO next time, but why don't we do it together?"

Me: "Good! Let's do it!"

It is said that part of the activities of the soccer school will be an NPO activity, so an NPO corporation will be created with the representative.
The NPO corporation was established after repeated discussions on the preparation of the articles of incorporation, what kind of business to develop, and what to value.
This experience led me to "entrepreneurship."

"I want to create a company myself this time"

After establishing the NPO corporation, I was excited to think "what kind of company would I make?"
It was Kimura that I met at that time.
* I met Kimura, who I had never talked to until the winter of my third year at university, for some reason.
Kimura at that time had begun job hunting.

Me: "Kimura-kun, how about job hunting?"

Kimura: "Well, I wonder what it is. I feel a little uncomfortable with job hunting itself."

Me: "Then, isn't there anything Kimura wants to do, not employment?"

Kimura: "What do you want to do? I've been helping the Yubari film festival since I was in high school, and I wonder if I want to do something with the film."

Kawashima: "Like! Let's do it! I was wondering if I could do something with soccer now, so I'll support you, so let's do something in the movie."

From such a conversation, it became a relationship to talk deeply with Kimura.

Me: "What kind of life do you want to have in the future?"

Kimura: "I wonder why it's time to get a job. I don't know what I want to do."

Me: "That's right ... Then, why don't you start a business together for the time being?"

Kimura: "Is it a start-up? I like it. Let's try it."

Kawashima: "Let's do it! If I do, I definitely have a friend I want to do with! Oh, but that friend is in the Philippines right now, so I'll introduce you when I come back."
* Shibata was in the Philippines at that time studying English.

Kimura: "Ryokai! Then, for the time being, at 10 o'clock tomorrow at Kawashima-kun's house gathering!"

The next day.
Kimura and I decided to "start a business", but never thought about why we would start a business.
As soon as we got together, we started with "OK, what do you want to start with?"For the time being, Kimura suddenly decided to enter from the shape

Kimura: "Kawashima-kun, your house is an office from today."
Kawashima: "What !?"
Kimura: "Kawashima-kun, your house is an office from today. Please give me 5 yen for the time being. I will also pay 5 yen. I will buy office supplies at the home center and make this an office."

I made up my mind when I saw Kimura laughing and drilling a whiteboard against the wall of my rental apartment.

Every day after the office is opened, I read a lot of business books ordered from Amazon, breasted business ideas, wrote business plans while reading books, contacted the managers who are likely to meet, and thought about it. Repeatedly telling and presenting the business plan.

At the place where I went to consult once, about 2 minutes after I started announcing the business contents,

Management: "If I were an investor, I would tell you guys to go home now."
In my heart: (If you're an investor, tell me to go home ... what do you mean ...? But I don't think I'm angry, so let's continue talking ...).

Another time

Management: "The business model is too complicated. I don't know where I'm trying to make money."
In my heart: (Business model ... What is a business model ...?)

When I think about it now, it's very embarrassing or funny, but we didn't know anything about it.However, it was fun when I didn't know more.As soon as I get home, I search the internet and buy and read related books on amazon.Then, the business plan will be revised.
It was irresistible to feel that I was growing steadily.
However, as time passed, the limit of graduating from university was approaching.
Every idea we have come up with fails.It is impossible for three people to graduate and eat.

The long stray period begins.

* Blog where Shibata wrote the stray period

The "guest house" I found before the stray.

From September of my 4th year of college, I've been formulating a business plan every week, and it's still cool! !! !! !! !!I worked part-time and saved money.
Early morning black cat, pizza delivery, curry shop, soccer school coach, soccer club coach.

"No, it's really the limit of physical strength ..."

Even in such a case, I saw Kimura-kun's dying face at a meeting where I was fluttering due to lack of sleep every week.
"It's not just me. We decided to do it together." That kind of thought pushed me.

And we graduated from college with no guesthouse properties decided.
I went to Sapporo with the money I saved from three part-time jobs.

The day after arriving

We gathered at the cafe and started with the words, "OK! What do you want to start with?"
This is how the Sapporo Guest house story began.

* A blog that describes the situation from before opening to opening

One year and two months after I opened the guesthouse with the aim of starting a business, I think that "the future can be created by ourselves."
It may be a common word, but I feel strongly when I actually experience it.

We didn't have anything.Excellent ability, ample funds, and personal connections.I've always started with "what to start with?" And "let's try it for the time being."
I'm not saying "because I started a business" or "because I was able to open a guesthouse".Even if you get a job, even college students should have the right to decide their own future.

I decided to create my own future by means of "entrepreneurship."
Sometimes I feel anxious enough to be crushed by the invisible future, and my stomach hurts.There are many failures.

That's why it's fun.

"What do you want to happen in 10 years?"

This is the last question asked during the interview of "NHK Life Design U-2" in February of this year.

I don't hesitate and say the same answer.

"I don't know what will happen in 10 years. Maybe I'm failing or maybe I'm doing well. But I want to expect myself and create the future because I don't know. "

I have a vision of what the company wants to do and what kind of development it wants to do.
However, it is not interesting to go that way.I want to create a future that is even more interesting than I can imagine.
And there needs to be friends who can create the future together.As a member of the company, I want to work with people who can challenge and grow together.

* Waya employee recruitment

2015 is over and a new year begins.
I can't wait to see the people I meet, the people I work with, and all the events that will happen.

"Okay, what do you want to start with?"

I would like to start next year with such words.

December 2015, 12 Shun Kawashima