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"Who do you work with rather than what you do?"-Try working at the guesthouse for a year and two months (Shibata edition)


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Good evening.I'm Ryohei Shibata from Staylink, a limited liability company.
The end of 2015 is finally approaching.By the way, this time it is a special one-shot project, so I will write about the theme of "who to do rather than what to do", including the process leading up to the opening of Guest House waya.
Many people always say, "It's going well!" "It looks fun!"In fact, we've been able to welcome a lot of guests, and for now it may be going well and it's fun.However, I think that is because I was able to face myself and my friends during the stray period until the opening.
"Ryohei, let's start a business!" At the end of my third year at university, I was contacted by representative Kawashima.
"Like! Let's do it!" I also answered with two replies.
"I have another companion, so I'll introduce you next time!" After such an exchange, I went to Kawashima's apartment and found Kimura there.
I'm an athletic type person, so when I meet for the first time, I shake hands firmly.A word for me in Kimura that I can never forget. "Grip strength, Tsuyo." The dream entrepreneurial story began with such a super passionate me, Kawashima who has both passion and calmness, and Kimura who is synonymous with calmness.
"Let's create a service that connects high school club managers on the cloud, build more friendly relationships all over the country, and make it easier to play practice games!"
"Let's hold festivals all over the country and carry out a project to liven up the area with festivals!"
"Let's make an original gift box filled with delicious local sweets and propose a new gift form!"
"Let's create a local learning place where local university students teach local junior high school students to study at local shops!"
During the six months from the end of my third year of college to August of my fourth year of college, I had a lot of challenges.
However, none of the businesses worked.
My friends around me finished their job hunting activities safely, and they were steadily deciding to get a job.
I started to feel a little "Are they okay?" From the people around me.
It may not be possible to think of us now, but we may have been a little miserable at that time.
"What can only we do?" This is a question we asked after half a year.
I thought.I just thought about it.
And one answer came out.
"Let's plan an original trip to take you to your hometown!", "Jimo trip to travel to that person's hometown!"
Immediately, I made a plan and executed it.This is a trip to Betsukai Town in Hokkaido, the birthplace of Kawashima.
With the cooperation of Kawashima's classmates, we were able to plan and carry out trips that only local people can do, such as barbecuing with locals and guides by locals.
Ten students from Tokyo participated in the trip.
"Come again!"
"I'll come again!"
On the final day, a family-like landscape was born there.
I don't have a travel license, so my profit is 0.
However, I felt that I was able to find more value than profit.
"Travel, exchange, community" I think these three things will enrich your life.
I feel that I got the hint from this trip.
"It seems that there is a guest house!" It was about three weeks after the trip.
From there, I actually went to hear stories and started to look up guest houses nationwide.
That is the end of September 2013. "Travel, exchange, area" It was around this time that I was attracted to the guesthouse, which includes all three, and decided to open a guesthouse.
And a year later, we opened "Guest House waya" in Sapporo, Hokkaido.
There were various things in the period from when I decided to open the guesthouse to when it opened, but I was able to open it safely.
Looking back now, we have never tried to start a business with the core of "I definitely want to do this business!".
However, I may have liked the feeling of working toward my goals with these friends.
I think this is great.
In the extreme, it's interesting no matter what you do.
"Who do you do rather than what you do?"
From this perspective, I think it is important to choose your own future job.

Now one purpose has been decided.
"Make the place, Link the world" Create a place to connect the world.
We will continue to take on various challenges to achieve this goal.
In addition to guest houses, if there is something that can fulfill this purpose, we will continue to challenge.
And I think that the number of friends will increase from now on.
I will do my best every day with the aim of making my colleagues who will work with me think, "It would be interesting to do anything with these people!"
December 2015, 12 Ryohei Shibata