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Nice to meet you


It's been a month since I started working here.
I'm Rin Obayashi, who became the proprietress of Sapporo Guest House waya from July ^^
Like the three members, he is 23 years old and is from Obihiro, Hokkaido.
After graduating from a university in Tokyo, I worked at a hot spring inn in Daisetsuzan National Park for the last year.
I first visited here in early spring when I was involved as a helper.
I will work here.
During the summer tourist season, many guests come and enjoy every day.
A month passed in no time.
I have created my favorite places in Sapporo one by one,
I wonder if the distance between Sapporo, the area, the inn, and myself is getting closer and closer.
So that I can introduce the good points of this town to people who come here
I am exploring Sapporo while I work.
The Toyohira River, which flows immediately from waya,
This is my favorite place.
At night, the bright light of the city can be seen on the other side,
In the daytime, people who walk and run dogs, people who have picnics, everyone spends their time thinking.
When I have a thought, I walk here against the flow of the river.It feels good!
(Favorite Toyohira River)
This is a cherry tomato that my neighbor gave me when I was walking toward the river.It was delicious! (^. ^)
(Cherry tomatoes from my neighbors!)
Stretch your legs a little.
I went to Hoheikyo Onsen with Jenny who came as a helper. (About 60-80 minutes by car or bus from downtown Sapporo.)
(Helper Jenny)
Take a walk in the neighborhood.
Go to a nice cafe that you can walk from waya
(Cafe Plantation)
Looking for Sapporo-like food.
At TREASURE, which is near Tanukikoji, you can eat soup curry and
(Soup Curry TREASURE)
Oh, there is a delicious soup curry shop near waya ♪
I have a bigger stomach than anyone else, but Sapporo has a lot of delicious food, so it will take some time to eat it up. ..
Eat lots of delicious food, find various places,
I will explore and introduce the excitement that I feel in this town so that I can quickly convey it to the guests, so I would appreciate your favor! (^ ▽ ^)