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There was a business license on the 1st floor!We will hold an open party!


The renovation started in April, and four and a half months have passed.
As I wrote in the title, I finally got a business license for the XNUMXst floor bar space and XNUMXst floor accommodation space! !!
(Kimura (left) and Shibata (right) holding a business permit on the 1st floor of waya)
As with last year, we proceeded with the renovation with carpenter Kizawa, and we were able to make something that was convincing on the waya 1F ^^
Waya 1F, which was renovated with many people this year and aimed at completion.
(Reconstruction event for about one year from July 2014. Renovated with a total of 7 people!)
Last but not least, we will have an opening party at waya's bar space on Saturday, August 8nd!
I would like to thank everyone who helped me and everyone who supported me, and I would like to celebrate the opening together ^ ^
Please come by all means!
BAR Chief Shibata
(Details below!)
The construction of the guesthouse waya 2nd store and the waya cafe & bar lounge has been completed successfully.
Along with that, we will hold an open party on Saturday, August 8nd!
Finally, we finished making cafe and bar space the first floor in Guest House waya.
We'll held the opening party 22nd of August.
Not only friends and acquaintances, but also those who came to help, those who knew waya on TV, those who were interested in passing nearby, those who are interested in guest houses, anyone is welcome to come.
We are waiting for you from all the staff !!!!!
We want many people come to this party and celebrate our bar opened with people who help rebuilding and support us.
Of course, It doesn't matter if you don't know us.
Please enjoy this party together!
Guest house waya cafe & bar lounge
Open party
8/22 (Sat)
August 22nd (Sat)
time schedule
time table
18:XNUMX opening open
18:30 start start
20: 30-21: 00 Live
Around 22:30 End end end
* From 20:30 to 21:00, there will be a live performance by Mr. Shiraki, who was a helper for waya and helped with the reconstruction of the 1st floor.
Katsuhiro Siraki who was a helper in Guest House waya and helped making cafe and bar will sing his original song.
No entry fee
No load
(Cash on separately for liquor charges. Snacks will be prepared here)
(If you wanna drink something, please order at a bar counter and pay one by one)
* Please finish your meal in advance before you come.
Please eat dinner before you come to the party.
* Beer, wine, cocktails and soft drinks will be prepared for sake.
We serve a beer, a wine, a cocktail and some juice.
We look forward to your participation!
We are looking forward to meeting you at waya cafe and bar!