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A record of my stay at WAYA that I met while traveling around Japan


guest houseHelper introduction

Hello!I'm Keisuke Nakamura from Nagasaki prefecture.
I'm cycling around Japan right now.
Currently, I am in a position like a helper and I am indebted to WAYA.

(Guests from South Korea and Nakamura who are cycling around Japan)

Helper "like" is really important.
(Because I will be in the next final exam, underline it !!)
We are currently building a BAR on the 1st floor of WAYA. (Scheduled to open soon!)

(Reconstruction of bar space. Painted wood in brown!)

Can you help me only today?
↓ Next day
I want to help you for another day.
↓ Next day
I will help you throughout July.
↓ In the end of July
I will help you to open.
With such a flow
"I want to help, please!"
I didn't ask
It is a reason that I became a helper when I gradually increased the length of stay and noticed.
Seen from the side, it's a free junk guy.Lol
Thank you to everyone at WAYA.
The first time I went to WAYA
Thai party on July 7th.
At that time
"I'm planning to build a BAR on the first floor of the guesthouse, and I'm building it every day."
And that.
The moment I heard that, I decided to help the next day.
(Actually it was the scheduled departure date from Sapporo. Lol)
In this way, Nakamura's story of WAYA's helper began.
In the first place, when I went to WAYA for the first time
I heard a little story about how WAYA was made.
I've always wanted to run a guesthouse, so I have no choice but to actually help!
If you realize that you intend to help for only one day, you are staying for a long time.Lol
Listen to the story ...
Meeting of 3 people
Origin of the name WAYA
The road to WAYA
(Via Silk Road)
How do you run a guesthouse
Strengths of working with three people instead of one
Love affairs of three people
Try staying at the guesthouse ...
You can talk to various people every day
Learn the differences between different cultures
I want to study english
You can see various people, so it will be a learning experience
It's fun to have a connection with your neighbors
Bet making is unexpectedly difficult
(Not only BAR, but sometimes I do it)
Both good and bad
I have to actually try it
There are many things that you would never have understood.
I talked with the three WAYA people many times
When you do something, even if you just imagine it, if you actually try it, it will not be as you imagined!
Let's act first.
A place to connect with many people
A place to get a lot of stimulation
Please go to WAYA! !!
keisuke 03
(A live event will be held at the bar space on the XNUMXst floor, which is about to be completed. The bar space will open soon!)
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