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11 moon knowledge about Hokkaido clothing



The other day, it snowed in Sapporo!

Hello! The second appearance, part-time job!

Sapporo has some sunshine during the last few days.

However, at night, it gets cold at once, so I feel that the temperature difference is large.

For those who don't know what to look like in Sapporo, here are some of Hokkaido's wisdom about dressing in mid-November in Sapporo!



For those who are not good at cold but plan to come to Sapporo this season,

Compact[Light down]Or can be layered【turtleneck】Etc. are recommended!

The reason is that when traveling, small items such as mufflers get in the way in a building where heating works, and since it does not take up space, it is convenient to have one in the travel bag!

And[Long socks]

If the socks are short, cold wind will come in.

Especially for those who go out at night, the longer it is, the more recommended it is!

ー ー ー ー ー ー ー

And one more thing as a bonus.

Recently, a girl from Taiwan said,

He told me that "drinking plain hot water instead of water" when it's cold is normal in Taiwan.

Of course, these days she always carries plain hot water in a water bottle and drinks it.

Actually, I tried it too, but I didn't get cold all day long.

Please try it.

If you don't usually carry a water bottle, just drinking it when you wake up in the morning and before going to bed is effective.

Please enjoy Hokkaido, which has many charms in winter, so as not to catch a cold!


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