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Reconstruction event lifted! !!


Good evening!
I'm Shibata, the inn manager ^^
Everyone, this time has finally come.
Sapporo guesthouse waya 1F renovation event is finally lifted! !! !!
(Stucco painting event)
Last year, a total of 200 people were involved in the renovation of the Guest House waya.
"I want to share the process of making and share the joy of completion with many people."
The renovation event started with such thoughts.
I want to share the joy of completion with many people this year too ^^
"Creating a place in your heart that you can say right now"
The number of people who want to see Sapporo again and the places they want to go to will increase steadily.
I will always cherish this feeling ^ ^
Before starting this renovation event, I would like to briefly introduce last year's renovation event!
Last year,
・ Insulation
・ Wall / flooring
There was such work.
I will briefly introduce each work.
① Dismantling work
We are using a 60-year-old folk house.
I broke unused walls and ceilings while leaving important pillars.
(Leave the important pillars and dismantle the old wall!)
(Ceiling dismantling!)
Breaking walls is something you never do in your daily life, so it's very extraordinary and stress-relieving!Lol
After breaking the wall, I also pulled out the nails on the tree.
(It looks like they are pulling nails happily)
It's a steady but important work ^^
In this way, in order to create a room, we will first break it!
② Insulation work
The old folk house is cold anyway! (Especially in winter in Hokkaido!)
Insulation work is essential to prevent the cold!
(Mokomoko insulation that is warm even in winter!)
Because of this work, I think I was able to get people to say that it's warm ^^
③ Wall / flooring
After breaking and insulating it, it is the work to actually make it.
(Floor pasting!)
I can't feel the progress so far, but I'm starting to think that the guesthouse is nearing completion from around here! (* The process of breaking and insulating is simple but important!)
While struggling with tools that we don't usually use, we all made it together ^^
(Lecture on how to use tools!)
③ Painting
There are two main types of painting for the event.
It is divided into the work of plastering gypsum board and the work of applying oil stain to plywood.
・ Stucco
Before plastering the plasterboard, we will put a joint tape in the gap between the boards.
After that, apply plaster all the time! "Plastered photo" Of course, I can't paint as well as the craftsmen, but each participant did their best to paint it ^^
(Participants who are exhausted after painting all night plaster)
・ Paint / oil stain
It is the work of applying something called paint or oil stain to the plywood.
We will change the color of the ordinary board to the color we want.
(Commemorative photo after the wall painting event)
It's easy, but I wrote about last year's renovation ^^
I hope I can share the joy of completion with many people through the renovation event this year as well.
And for everyone, I hope Hokkaido will be the place I want to come back again ^^
We look forward to your participation in the renovation event!Please feel free to contact us ^^