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The first charider project has finally arrived! !! !!


guest houseHelper introduction



A project for people traveling by bicycle that started in May this year.

The first issue has arrived immediately!

Here, let's check once what kind of project it was.

Please see the details from the URL below.

[U-30 limited!Charider's rest plan at a guest house in Sapporo! ]


This project is

I hope Sapporo will become one of the "places I want to return to".I have a feeling.

I think that the number of such towns and places will increase by having a drink with the locals and spending a few days with the locals.



Below is the details.


◆ Details

(Image during staying at waya)

Arrival on the first day! 


Day 2 Helper work (10: 30-16: 00)


Day 3 Helper work (10: 30-16: 00),Making dinner

Day 4 Departure 🚴



* Helper work is cleaning the hall.Let's work together to create a comfortable space for travelers from all over the world.

* Dinner is eaten with the waya staff and locals.We will prepare the ingredients here, so please cook.

* Sleep in a sleeping bag in the Shared Lounge space on the 1st floor.

In addition, you can drink alcohol or play music.You can spend your time quietly.

You can also update the recently accumulated blogs.

Please spend a break of the trip and fulfilling memories here!

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