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Entering the primary industry! ?? Waya farm clearing started!


Good evening!
I'm Ryohei, the manager!
I have a report for you.
As I wrote in the title
waya farm has started! !! !!
Coincidentally, there was a miracle that the owner of the current Guest House waya building had a field!Lol
So this year we decided to cultivate the field.
It's like Hokkaido! ^^
The place is in Makomanai, Sapporo.
It's a 30-minute drive from waya, so it's not too far away.
Departure at 8:00 in the morning of the day!
I came here for the first time this year, so it was desolate.Lol
Let's get enthusiastic and start clearing!
(Owner and owner's friend)
First of all, work to remove grass.
There are many things you can eat, so while sorting out ^^
Next, select a place to cultivate.
(waya staff)
The soil has been leveled little by little!
At the same time, we also made firewood.
(waya inn manager Shibata)
After arriving at 8:30, I worked for about 2 hours ^ ^
It takes time to cultivate the fields, so we will continue to work steadily!
It would be great if we could offer homemade potatoes at the cafe & bar on the first floor of waya ^^
Since we opened a guesthouse in Hokkaido, I hope we can continue farming!
It would be great if we could create a "waya kitchen" where fresh vegetables (pesticide-free!) From the waya farm are served at the waya cafe and bar.
The waya farm club will continue to be active in the future, so please look forward to it!