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Half a year since the guest house waya opened.


Good evening!
I'm Shibata, the inn manager.
Sapporo is getting warmer little by little, and it's the season when cherry blossoms bloom all over Hokkaido ^^
I wanted to write about waya's daily life from today, but waya will soon be half a year old.
So, this time, I would like to briefly summarize the steps leading up to the opening of the guest house.
It will be a little longer, but I hope you can see it ^^
After graduating from university in April last year, we landed in Sapporo with the part-time job we saved to open the guesthouse and uncertain anxiety.
"I didn't think the day would come when I wouldn't have any social status. Lol."
At that time, I had this feeling.
Anyway, if you don't find a property, you can't open a guesthouse.
Searching for properties in Sapporo has started.
I walked around Sapporo every day to search for properties, and sometimes I went to Lake Toya and Otaru other than Sapporo to search for properties.
"Creating a place where everyone can say that they are in their hearts"
This philosophy was the driving force of the three of us.
However, finding a property is not an easy task.
"It takes a year to find a property, so be prepared."
The people who run the guesthouse also taught me this.
"1 year ..."
For those of us who didn't have social status, this number made us feel like a tremendously distant future.
From a real estate agent
"It's not so easy to find a property that you can rent and decorate freely."
"You should give up and get a job, right?"
It was a line I was tired of hearing.
Such lines and the number of one year weigh heavily on us.
Meanwhile, I had the opportunity to talk with the director of a certain shopping district.
"There is no place to use this shopping street, but since I have my parents' house, why don't you take a look?"
It was a miracle event.
One and a half months after I started looking for a property, when I was having trouble finding a property, I heard this story.
"We aim to open a guesthouse with this property!"
It was about a week after I was introduced to the property.
We decided to aim to open guesthouse waya at that property.
"Creating a place where everyone can say that they are in their hearts"
A place that makes you want to go back to Hokkaido and Sapporo.
Construction started in June.
One carpenter
3 members
Friends who came to help more than 200 people
"Guesthouse waya" with a total of more than 200 people
It opened after a period of XNUMX months.
A place made by everyone.
I still can't forget the excitement of the opening party.
I will never forget it.
Half a year has passed since it was completed.
"Creating a place where everyone can say that they are in their hearts"
After opening, many guests from all over the world have come.
"I'll come again!"
"Let's meet again!"
When I got a word like this
"I'm really glad I opened the guesthouse."
I think from the bottom of my heart.
I will continue to aim for a better place without pride.
We look forward to your continued support of Guest House waya!
To make Sapporo a more attractive place for Hokkaido.