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Photogenic in the city that can only be seen in autumn in Hokkaido


This is Nakamura from Guest House WAYA.
It's been getting colder in Hokkaido since October.
There are places in the mountains where snow is piled up.
It looks like you can see the road surface in the city of Sapporo for another month.
I'm from Kyushu, so last year I passed the first winter.
Various things in the city corresponded to winter, and I was surprised at the lives of people in snowy countries.
That's why I would like to introduce some unusual photogenic things that you can't see outside of Hokkaido.

The first photo shows the trees with branches tied up in preparation for winter, which can be seen in Nakajima Park.
At first I didn't understand what the string was for, but it's an important measure to withstand a lot of snow!

This is a little far from Sapporo, but Miyajima where you can see the Greater White-fronted Goose taking off in autumn and spring.
The day this photo was taken was already past its peak, but at times you can see tens of thousands of roosts.
By the way, it is necessary to leave Sapporo at midnight according to the roosts.

I took this picture at a certain place in Takino Suzuran Park in Sapporo City!
The fact that hydrangeas and autumn leaves can be seen together is unique to Hokkaido, where summer is short.

This is Nopporo Forest Park.
At Mizuho Pond in the park, you can see the scenery that was hazy in the early morning.
Why don't you experience a special time only in the morning?

Please try to find your own photogenic!