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June WAYA event report!


Guest house WAYA.
How did you spend June, everyone?
Hokkaido gets cold and hot, and the weather is not stable, but ... Hokkaido in summer is full of highlights!
You will want to go to various places.
Festivals are also held in various parts of Hokkaido, and there is plenty of fun.
Where should we go in July ...
So, in this article, I will introduce the event that took place at waya in June.
1, Waya Seoul Time
2, Do you know about bar ramen?
3, Waya Family Dinner
4, Waya Bangkok Time

[Waya Seoul Time]


I made tteokbokki, Korean rice balls, and hotteok with Sujin from Seoul, Korea and a guest from Seoul, Korea who was staying there that day.
It was a real seasoning, so it was too spicy for me, who is Japanese and exclusively sweet, but I was able to taste authentic Korean food.

[Do you know about bar ramen? ]


It was a project proposed by a staff member from Fukuoka.
On this day, we introduced Marutai Ramen, which originated in Kyushu.
Boiled eggs and char siu.It became a seasoning like a Kyushu boy!
Please buy it when you go to Kyushu.

[Waya Family Dinner]


WAYA's customary dinner for travelers and locals.
This time I made stir-fried pork and eggplant with miso.
And from this time, we will carry out a carry-on system!
Thanks to everyone, it became a dinner where you can eat various things.
Thank you to everyone who cooperated.

[Family cooking!]


It was done with Waya × Cookpad.
There are two themes
・ Make healthy and delicious dishes using fresh ingredients from Hokkaido
・ Share the process of cooking and deepen exchanges
This time, a female college student came up with the menu.
▼ Meat gratin using whole zucchini
▼ Seasonal asparagus and orange salad
(The recipe is posted on the recipe posting site of COOKPAD Inc.)

[Waya Bangkok Time]


It was the last event in June.
The Thai curry made by Pooh from Thailand is really delicious.
This time I made white curry.
Also, at the table on the terrace outside WAYA, we actually tried playing a game popular with Thai children and it was exciting.
We have 7 events in July!
The summer of Hokkaido has finally arrived!
Let's leave wonderful memories with travelers from all over the world at WAYA this month.
Click here for details of the July event →https://sapporo-waya.sakura.ne.jp/wp/wayanight201707/