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Daniel Skoglund


Ever since I was very young, my image of Japan has always been very romanticized, this is of course thanks to movies, internet, music, food and all other kinds of arts. So after studying japanese in highschool for 2 years, I had decided to come visit Japan. I went during december of 2016 and this would actually be my first trip alone to another country. I packed lightly, only my backpack and my warmest clothes, for I new Japan would be just as cold as Sweden, if not even colder…

You might wonder, why did I decide to visit Sapporo? Well…I had met a girl online who was teaching me japanese, and she happened to live in Sapporo, so I had to visit of course!

I found Guesthouse Waya on the app Airbnb and I picked it because the pictures made me feel like they would invite everyone to their family. This was also the case!

My very first memory of Guesthouse Waya was perfect.

It was sunny and snowy outside, and actually quite cold. So I felt really glad once I got to the door. When I opened and entered into Waya the first thing I heard was a familiar song playing. It was Anil at the reception who was playing the song “Arurian Dance – by Nujabes” on the computer and I knew instantly that life had taken me to where I belonged. I instantly asked the receptionist (Anil) if it was Nujabes playing and then followed up by saying that I loved this song. Guesthouse Waya is special, it is a meeting hub for travellers, artists, craftsmen and comedians, and everyone becomes part of the family.

My favourite part about being at Waya is meeting new interesting people everyday. Some of which took me on wonderful adventures and others performed beautiful songs on the instruments that they bring with them. There were so much that happened during my first visit to Waya, for example the crazy New Years Party, and the lovely Thai Tabitomo Tour which was great if you love Japanese culture! So of course I had to visit again. The second time I went to Japan and to Sapporo was one and a half year after my first visit. This time I got to say farewell to my dear friends since they were having a farewell party for several members, one of which was Anil, who had been my first memory of Waya, and now was going to move back to New York. The farewell party was loaded with so many emotions and feelings, so believe me when I say that it was a big party! Lots of food, cakes, drinks, live music, friends and family. The party continued to 6am in the morning thanks to the great idea of going to karaoke! One of my best nights in Japan ever, for sure!

Currently I am studying Business Administration at a university in Stockholm and taking some Web-Design courses on the side. My hobbies are 3D sculpting as well as ceramics and making teapots with a neighbour. When I have something that I am proud to show I do so on my Instagram account @daniel_skogis  Feel free to reach out to me if you want to be friends!