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wayaヘルパー Jeanの紹介〜wild swimingと日本アニメ〜


I am Jean from Taiwan.
My habit is wild swimming. I know some really good place to visit in Taiwan.
Two years ago, I was cycling half Europe with a second hand city bike. This time, I am planning for cycling whole Hokkaido during the summer season. The shower is so important for all the cyclists, If you know some place where I can swim (or take a free shower) in Hokkaido, please please tell me!

Except wild swimming, I often visit the gallery and select boutique shops in my free time. I am a big fan of Japan’s comic books. Recently my favorite comic artist has been 九井諒子. I also love to watch movie and listen to alternative rock music.

The reason I want to visit Waya guest house was because I hoped I can met lots of amazing people. And I definitely did! All the members in Waya are so talented. We shared many beautiful stories with each other every night.

I will work until the end of June, and after will be back in October and November.If you just pass Waya, feel welcome to play with us.

現在正在Waya guest house打工換宿。 Waya絕對是全北海道最酷的地方之一,短短的兩週內我遇到了一堆超級有趣的人,每天都有說不完的故事可以分享。


我是平面設計師,平常常逛小店跟看展。我對日本漫畫涉獵很深,前陣子最喜歡的漫畫家是九井晾子。 我也挺喜歡聽樂團跟看電影。

我整個10月跟11月都會在Waya,如果機會的話,歡迎來找我聊聊。我很樂意分享之前在歐洲騎單車睡帳棚、找免費食物的經驗。See you in Waya!