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Q, What is your name? (名前はなんですか?)
A, Manuel Custodio

Q, Where are you from?(出身はどこですか?)
A, Madrid, Spain

Q, What brought you Japan?(なぜ日本に来たのですか?)
A, I love Japan and coming here and live for a while was my dream since I was a kid.

Q, How many languages do you speak?(何ヶ国語話すことができますか?)
A, I can speak Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and Chinese. Japanese would be the next one but I still have a long way to go…

Q, What do you do when you have free time?(時間がある時は何をしますか?)
A, If I’m in a new place I usually go for a walk around the city, get lost, come back home and repeat the next day, untill I don’t get lost. The rest of the time I spend it at home, watching movies, playing games, talking with friends.

Q,What do you want to do when you are in Sapporo?(札幌にいる間にしたいことは何ですか?)
A, I came here to enjoy the good weather because Tokyo’s hot summer was too much for me. So just not melting is enough for me. But meeting people from all over the world while I’m helping at the guesthouse is a wonderful and really fun experience.